Custom switchboard cabinets

Switchboard cabinets in Dubbo

We design and manufacture high quality switchboard cabinets. Our boxes allow easy and safe access to the components within.

Custom sizes

We have extensive experience building switchboard cabinets on both small and larger scales. We will ensure that the finished product fits your requirements and specifications. Please call us to arrange a quote.
custom cabinet size

Water and weatherproof

Our switchboard cabinets are custom made to suit your individual requirements using design features that provide increased safety and ingress protection. 
waterproof switchboard cabinet

We provide free quotes for all of our services

Specially manufactured

Our products are individually designed and built to meet your specifications. We work closely with our clients in the planning stages and throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the finished product is exactly what is required.
custom switchboard cabinet

Friendly services

If you are looking for high quality, custom designed products we are happy to help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 
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